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Contract Address:   0x405d44c9ed3d2d80e375b2360ed0713b71c6b811

Balance ETH: 
************* Supply CRL: 
Conversion token`s:       1 000 CRL = 1 ETH
Total miners: 

CRipLos is the decentralized mining token`s CRL system embodied in the smart contract of ETHereum network.

To work with the smart contract CRipLos,
synchronization in Ethereum network is necessary

It can be done directly from the website
using Metamask plug-in
One of the easiest, convenient and rather secured ways of synchronization in Ethereum network is a plug-in of Metamask. It represents expansion for the browser and allows to carry out fast payments and transactions in Ethereum network. Metamask plug-in - a full-fledged, lightweighted wallet of Ethereum with the open code. It is not demanding additional computational power or resources on User's computer, and it is located in the user's browser.
Moreover to work with the contract without using the interface of the website, you can use following services:
Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, https://etherscan.io.

Begining of Mining of CRL
Your balance:
Please specify the ammount(min 0.1 ETH):
You'll get:
to start mining
CRL mining acceleration
Your balance:
Please specify the ammount(min 10 CRL):
You'll get:
to accelerate mining
your adress:   
Resourse of your mine:
Production level of your mine:
Your master : 
Converting CRL into ETH
Your balance:
Please specify the ammount(min 10 CRL):
You'll get:
to get ETH
Transfer CRL to other address
Your balance:
Specify the recipient's address:
Please specify the ammount(min 1 CRL):
to transfer CRL

Mining pool CRipLos

Distribution of the entering transactions
of the smart contract CRipLos:

84% - are distributed among all active mines participating in mining.

9% - are diverted to advance, bounty and technical support.

7% - to the Master, who is invitingparticipants to production of tokens.
User's ETH address is the Identifier(ID) of definition of the Master. If the User works with the contract directly, without using the official site of the CRipLos system, while making his first payment it is necessary to specify the ETH address of the Master, who invited him in the CRipLos system, filling it in the field "data".

Smart contract CRipLos

Smart contract is an algorithm which serves for сontracting, veryfying and support of the self-executed contracts in blockchain technology. This technology allows to make exchange of assets and to carry out the variety of confidential financial transactions without participation of central authority and other intermediary organizations. Smart contract is a guarantee of transparency and reliability. It registers in the form of the code in the database (blockchain), supported online.
Information about all transactions is available to each user of a system, and the completed operations have no retroactive force. Smart contract is a guarantor of execution of all terms of the contract. It ialso acts like medium about obligations of participants.
Smart contract CRipLos is the decentralized hostless system of network,
which uses decentralized funds of participants within mining token`s CRL. For implementation of internal transactions of the smart contract CRipLos uses CRL token.
Mining of CRL Tockens

To start CRL minig User just need to transfer any quantity of ETH to the contract web address (at least 0.1 ETH). You will receive a resource and value of level of your mine with the profit of 120% on the invested funds at a fixed rate 1000 CRL = 1 ETH
Mining of tokens of CRL represents distribution of the entering transactions, according to compliance of the relation of level of production of the mine to a general meaning of level of a pool of CRipLos, until the value of the mine is completely exhausted.
It is possible to increase resources and level of mining at any moment, using mining acceleration function. Anytime CRL tockens can be transferred to any ETHereum netwok address.
The quantity of the obtained CRL tokens always corresponds to quantity of ETH at the established contract rate that provides a guarantee and reliability of the system. Thus, transparent and uninterrupted conversion of funds in the CRipLos contract is provided.

Вlockchain technology

Вlockchain is the consistent and continuous chain of the "blocks" which
store digital information. It subjects to specific rules. This database consists of stored blocks, which represent constantly growing list of ordered records. Each such block contains a time stamp and the reference to the previous block.

Each encrypted key of blockchain network represents the complicated sequence of data which is protected from decryption. Taking into consideration that for confirmation two such unique keys are required, the system begins to look as impregnable. It is considered that the blockchain possesses the unique system of cyber security, because it allows to keep full transparency of transactions at such a high level of protection.

Nowadays representatives of the most diverse fields have interest in blockchain technology.

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